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Location Key
1 Tower of Death - Necromancer Guild Hall, Merchant selling Necromancer Equipment, Books, and some Gems
2 Merchant selling Ivory Weapons
3 Merchants selling Rhinohide Armor, Fletching Supplies (Arrows), and Alchemy Supplies
4 Merchant selling Food Items and other Goods
5 Merchant selling Medium Cloth Armor, Erudite Sewing Kit and Metal Thread
6 Mortician selling Embalming Supplies and Coffins, Merchant selling high-level Necromancer spells
7 Merchants selling Alchemy Supplies (all), Potions, Crystals, and Dufrenite
8 Merchants selling Necromancer spells - Underneath these merchants is a tunnel leading to a section of catacombs to the east of the city, as well as a maze area. Once in, your only way out is to make your way through the maze.
9 The Gauntlet - PvP area
10 Iksar Hermit

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