EQEmu Zone Names – Ruins of Kunark

Here is a listing of zones ( Long Name / Short Name ) in the Ruins of Kunark Expansion of EverQuest.

You can use the #zone command in EQEMU using the Short Name to traverse zones, i.e. #zone burningwood to zone into Burning Woods.

Burning Woods burningwood
Chardok chardok
City of Mist citymist
Dalnir dalnir
Dreadlands dreadlands
East Cabilis cabeast
Firiona Vie firiona
Frontier Mountains frontiermtns
Howling Stones charasis
Kaesora kaesora
Karnor’s Castle karnor
Kurn’s Tower kurn
Lake of Ill Omen lakeofillomen
Mines of Nurga nurga
Old Sebilis sebilis
Skyfire Mountains skyfire
Swamp of No Hope swampofnohope
Temple of Droga droga
The Emerald Jungle emeraldjungle
The Field of Bone fieldofbone
The Halls of Betrayal chardokb
The Overthere overthere
Timorous Deep timorous
Trakanon’s Teeth trakanon
Veeshan’s Peak veeshan
Veksar veksar
Warsliks Wood warslikswood
West Cabilis cabwest

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