Utilizing DD-WRT as a Bridged Cellular Router

My wife and I live out in the sticks ( Texan for the middle of nowhere ).

We can’t get broadband of any kind; DSL, Cable, you name it, it’s not an option.

Don’t even mention DishNet, Hughes, or any other satellite option… they are all craptastic in my opinion.

That left me with my AT&T hotspot. But I wanted to be able to share this hotspot with all of the things!! in our house. So I did a little research and came across DD-WRT. I had used it in the past but didn’t realize I could use it as a cellular bridge as well!

I dug around in my pile of I might use this someday stuff and yep, I had an old Linksys WRT54GS2 v1 that would take a DD-WRT image, yay!

I headed over to http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database and searched for the above WRT54GS2 and found 1 match.

I downloaded the required files ( there are 2 ) and followed the instructions on the site. You might find this file http://www.etps.net/files/File Transfer/tftp2.exe useful when transferring the new firmware over to the router, I know I did.

Once you have the new DD-WRT router up and running, set your new username / password and login.

Make the following changes to setup the DD-WRT settings for Cellular Bridging.


1. Go to “Wireless -> Wireless Security” and choose enable

  • a. Set security mode to “WPA2 Personal”
  • b. Select the WPA algorithm to match your hotspot, in my case “TKIP+AES” and       enter the password that corresponds to your hotspot
  • c. Save & Apply


2. Go to “Wireless -> Basic Settings”

  • a. Set wireless mode: Client Bridge
  • b. Set the SSID to match your hotspot exactly
  • c. Save & Apply
  • d. On your phone you should see your WRT54G connect


3. Go to “Security->Firewall”

  • a. disable SPI Firewall
  • b. Uncheck “Block Anonymous WAN request, Filter IDENT”
  • c. Save & Apply


4. Go to “Setup -> Advance Routing”

  • a. change “Operating Mode” to “Router”
  • b. Save & Apply


5. Go to “Setup -> Basic Setup”

  • a. Set your Local DNS to a well known DNS server like Google’s


After step 2 you should see on the iPhone/AT&T Hotspot a new HotSpot connection, I know I did.

FYI, you must set your wired devices to DHCP ( those that are connected to the LAN ports of the DD-WRT/Linksys router ). To manage the DD-WRT/Linksys router you must set a hardcoded IP Address in the 192.168.1.x range and plug into one of the LAN Ports. Also, the hotspot must NOT have this same IP Range! But, you already knew that 😛

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