Exchange Build Numbers

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Exchange Server 2016 This section provides the build numbers and general release dates for each version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. To view the build number for the version of Exchange 2016 that you’re running, run the following command in … Continued

How to check for latest Exchange Rollups

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For Exchange 2007 – 2010  

  For Exchange 2013  

Get Exchange 2007-2010 Mailbox Size

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Paste this script into the Exchange Management Shell to get a listing of all mailboxes and their corresponding mailbox sizes. Output will be; User, Total Size (MB), Items in Mailbox, Storage Limit  

Test Cloud Virtualization using Datto Alto / Sirius

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Good Knowledge Base Article from Datto on how to setup a test Cloud Virtualization Server for testing purposes. I work for an MSP Provider and use this monthly to test our customers Disaster Recovery procedures.

Change APC Management Card to show Fahrenheit

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Go to Configuration -> Security -> Local Users -> Management and click on the username for the preferences you wish to change. Enter the current password. Change “Temperature Scale” from Metric to US Customary. Click Next >> Click Apply

Resetting MMC User Preferences

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Resetting MMC User Preferences (Restoring Column Sort Orders) One of the things that annoys me about MMC is the inability to remove column sort orders. In particular I like the default sort order for the DNS Manager snap-in, but once … Continued

Server 2012 R2 – Powershell

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To Add / Remove the GUI from Server 2012 R2 Core use these commands; To Add

To Remove

How to stop Mac to convert typing double dash to emdash

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In OS X 10.x and above run the following from a Terminal Prompt to disable converting “- -” to “—”;

Change the 0 at the end to a 1 to re-enable it.