Get Exchange 2007-2010 Mailbox Size

Paste this script into the Exchange Management Shell to get a listing of all mailboxes and their corresponding mailbox sizes. Output will be; User, Total Size (MB), Items in Mailbox, Storage Limit  

Resetting MMC User Preferences

Resetting MMC User Preferences (Restoring Column Sort Orders) One of the things that annoys me about MMC is the inability to remove column sort orders. In particular I like the default sort order for the DNS Manager snap-in, but once a column sort order has been applied there is no way inside the MMC console […]

Server 2012 R2 – Powershell

To Add / Remove the GUI from Server 2012 R2 Core use these commands; To Add

To Remove

Determine Window Server installation date

The following command will tell you when Windows was installed:

    The equivalent command in PowerShell is:

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