Exchange 2010 – How to Grant Relay permissions to Anonymous Group

Ran into an issue today when trying to setup an Exchange SMTP Relay for a customers
Cybernetics SAN.

I did what I typically do in these situations, started the EMC, browsed to Server Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Receive Connectors and chose Properties of the proper Receive Connector.

Once in the properties of the connector I added both IP Addresses of the Cybernetics controllers, Master and Failover. There were already several other IP Addresses listed here for printers and other devices. The connector had been setup for a couple of years and had worked flawlessly without issue.

I saved the new configuration and went to the Cybernetics to test. Every test email I tried, to various accounts always failed. The logs from the Exchange server would always return

I found that you have to issue this command from the Exchange Management Shell to grant the relay permission to the Anonymous group for the Receive Connector.

Once I ran the above command I went back to the Cybernetics to test and all was golden, emails were sent and received!

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