EQEmu Zone Names – Scars of Velious

Here is a listing of zones ( Long Name / Short Name ) in the Velious Expansion of EverQuest.

You can use the #zone command in EQEMU using the Short Name to traverse zones, i.e. #zone crystal to zone into Crystal Caverns.

Cobalt Scar cobaltscar
Crystal Caverns crystal
Dragon Necropolis necropolis
Eastern Wastes eastwastes
Great Divide greatdivide
Iceclad Ocean iceclad
Icewell Keep thurgadinb
Kael Drakkal kael
Plane of Growth growthplane
Plane of Mischief mischiefplane
Siren’s Grotto sirens
Skyshrine skyshrine
Sleeper’s Tomb sleeper
Temple of Veeshan templeveeshan
The Wakening Land wakening
Thurgadin thurgadina
Tower of Frozen Shadow frozenshadow
Velketor’s Labyrinth velketor
Western Wastes westwastes

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