Cafe-SendFailure Exchange 2013

When trying to connect to the PowerShell in Exchange 2013 or logging in to your ECP you may receive a blank screen

The error you’ll receive in PowerShell will look similar to this;

The fix is easy enough.

Start IIS Manager, expand Sites and select Exchange Back End.
Click Bindings.

Select https:444 and select Edit

You’ll notice the SSL Certificate at the bottom is showing as “Not selected”

Pull down the menu and choose “Microsoft Exchange” and select OK.

Select Close.

Restart the Exchange Management Shell and you should connect without issue. Same goes for the ECP!


  1. Many Thanks !
    Problem appeared after playing with “Set-OutlookAnywhere -IISAuthenticationMethods”, resulting in a complete blackout…
    Was looking for a solution in IIS Virtual Directories authentication methods, but hadn’t thought about certificate bindings.

    THANKS !!!

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